Registration Issues

Bot registrations have always been a problem, but this year has been especially bad. Our moderators take steps to try and prevent current registrations that generate spam from being allowed to continue as well as trying to prevent new bot registrations from happening in the first place. Unfortunately many people that would like to participate on PopUp Explorer find themselves unable to register due to these steps. We don’t want to prevent legitimate registrations but it does happen.

If you have tried to register and can get past the human verification step we can help you with your registration. If you were able to register but never received your verification email, we can manually approve you. If you are getting a message that says you are banned, we can research the issue and try to remedy the problem.

Registration is setup for the most amount of people to successfully register without having to have the support staff intervene or manually approve every registration. Sometimes we will need to help people that are having problems registering. We will make every effort to address each issue as quickly as we can. If you are having any problems registering please contact us at [email protected] or you can try clicking the button below to launch your email application.

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