Issue 16.3 is Out

Issue 16.3 is Out
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And the Presses Are Running!

A new edition of PopUp Times magazine is on the launch pad! This one’s going to cover all the bases, and then some.

Issue 16.3 starts off by unveiling the first instalment of an epic four part series on Joshua Tree National Park. It’s a big place, so we have a lot to tell you about!

Have you ever looked at your trailer flooring and wondered how you could replace it? Well wonder no more, we have the inside scoop on how you can tackle this job yourself, save a ton of money in the process, and end up with a beautiful upgrade.

All this talk about epic destinations and upgrades is going to make you think about food, and we’ve got the answer there too, with a great review of Nordic Ware’s wonderful kettle smoker.

This issue rounds itself out with the inside scoop on some great products and some nifty camping tricks. Like what, you ask? Subscribe to PopUp Times at PopUp Times and read all about it!

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