PopUp Times Issue 16.2 Released

PopUp Times Issue 16.2 Released

What’s the number of the day?  If you guessed 16.2, you’re right!  That’s the upcoming issue of PopUp Times, due to arrive in your mailbox any day now.  What’s 16.2 all about?  Have you ever wondered what a Renaissance Faire is all about?  Wonder no more.  How about how to be a wagon master? We have you covered there too. And we’ll walk you through the steps on how to do a bit of electrical lighting work as well as give you detailed instructions on how to spice up the interior seating of your camper.  And if all this means you work up an appetite, don’t worry, the Campground Gourmet is back with more great ideas for delicious campsite eats.  16.2, great reading for your next camping trip!

iPad version still in production but should release soon.

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