PopUp Times Issue 16.1 Released

PopUp Times Issue 16.1 Released

Looking ahead to vacation travel? We’ve got you covered, from how to service your wheel bearings before you “hit the road”, to helping you figure out which road you want to hit, as we set you up with a destination that is bound to give you some ideas. And once you’re out there camping, you can count on our Campground Gourmet to whet your appetite for cooking gadgets and good food.  And if you like slick products we review a few good ones in this issue.

Excited yet? Can it can any better? Absolutely! What better way to celebrate the arrival of a new camping season than with some prizes!

And don’t forget, PopUp Times is now available in the iTunes store too! The new issue will be available in the iTunes store in about two weeks. Check back here for updates.

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