PopUp Times iPad Subscriptions Available

PopUp Times iPad Subscriptions Available

You can now subscribe to PopUp Times on your iPad.

Yes you heard right PopUp Times subscriptions are officially available on the iPad. We will be working over the next several months to add back issues as well.  We have worked a long time to find the most cost effective solution. While there are several great solutions available most were too cost prohibitive to be able to offer subscriptions. The previous application was a way to test techniques on producing a digital edition and to help gauge interest in a tablet offering for the magazine.

Many tablet magazines seem to be offered in either portrait or landscape but we believe the reader should be able to choose the orientation that is most comfortable for them so we have built PopUp Times with the ability to be rotated to the orientation you prefer.

The iPad subscription price is a little bet less than the print subscription as well, however we are unable to offer existing print subscribers free access to the iPad application as much as we would like to. We handle the transactions for the printed magazine and apple handles the transaction for the iPad in app purchases which are separate systems. Adding the ability to offer existing subscribers free access to iPad issues would require additional coding. We hope at some time in the future we are able to add that ability.

If you are from Canada and have an iPad, the iPad application is the easiest and most cost effective way to get a subscription. If you are located outside of North America it is the only way to get the magazine.

You can find the new app in the app store by following the link below:


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