Spring 2013 Issue Released

Spring 2013 Issue Released

Ok, so I gotta ask, how did everyone enjoy THAT winter?! Alright you folks in the southern states and on the British Columbia coast, you can stop snickering now. To really confirm that spring is here and summer isn’t far behind with lots of good camping to come, we are proud to announce that the spring issue of PopUp Times is in the mail!

In this issue we visit The Black Hills, we take a look at Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and we review a remarkably designed and constructed trailer, the made-in-Canada Alto by Safari Condo. Wait, we have more! As usual we review some cool stuff, but this time we review some hot stuff too. But you need to subscribe to the magazine to find out what!

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PopUp Times, spring 2013. Keep your eyes peeled for your letter carrier approaching your mailbox!

PopUp Times


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