PopUp Gizmos Bunk Liners

PopUp Gizmos Bunk Liners

By now many pop-up camper owners are familiar with the Popup Gizmos solar bunk-end covers. Solar covers work be reflecting heat away away from the bunk-ends helping to keep the interior of the camper cooler.Several solar cover owners have discovered turning them over so the shiny side is down can help to reflect heat back into the bunk-ends helping to keep the interior of the camper a little warmer on those cooler days and colder nights.

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Popup Gizmos has now come out with a solar bunk-end liners. Made from the same material as the covers. The liners are intended to be used on the inside of the bunk-ends to help reflect heat back into the camper. Like the solar covers some users have discovered reversing them can also add additional cooling by reflecting heat away from the windows on the bunk-ends.

The liners are made over sized for the bunk. They can be used as they come right out of the box by folding under any excess when installing. However, if you want a more perfect look when installed, you can trim the liners with scissors so they fit to your liking. The material will never unravel so no harm from trimming will occur. The liners do not have binding on them since this is not needed in this application.


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