PopUp Explorer Camping Gnome Pix Project Launched!

PopUp Explorer Camping Gnome Pix Project Launched!

Here I am, the PUX camping gnome!
Give me a name and make me your own
Take me along wherever you roam
Whether to mountains or prairies
Or out in the sticks,
Down to the seashore or on Route 66
Snap a picture of the adorable me
Then post it on PUX Gnome Pix for all to see!

At the 2012 Mid-Continent Rally at Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, the PUX Gnome Project was introduced to attendees. Each family was given a gnome of their very own and encouraged to take their gnome traveling with them. The idea is to photograph the gnomes in interesting places and then share their travels on the Pop-Up Explorer website at www.popupexplorer.com/forum/index.php?topic=91298.0

In an effort to be gnome-inclusive, PUX and Pop-Up Times encourage everyone to grab their own gnomes, be they handmade or purchased, ugly or cute, large or small, and take them out adventuring. Post their travel pics on PUX so the rest of the gnome community knows what they’ve been up to! Who knows, the best pics may even end up on PopUp Times!

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