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Author Topic: Vinyl Canvas cleaning and conditioning questions  (Read 8200 times)
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« on: March 11, 2011, 10:20:38 PM »

Last Novemember I picked up a new to us Thor Cub 21ft hybrid, apon getting it we went through it with soap and water in and out and then I went ahead and waxed the entire outside of the camper as it is a smooth side... The only thing I really have left to do is to clean the canvas, I went ahead and did a search on this topic but really didnt come up with any concreate answers and the ones I did get answered I dont like so im reposting for some more info on the topic for not only me but tons of other tent end campers on here that will be doing a little spring cleaning befor taking there maiden voyage of 2011

So here are some of the questions I ask.... please feel free to hi-jack this thread if you are in need of answers other than what I am already asking

****First I would like to know what to wash with ( I read in another post that someone sugjested woolite but i belive that was ment for spot cleaning of the inside... im just thinking a regular car wash soap that has some silicone polimers in it to help not strip the natural oils the tenting may be what im looking for?)

****What can be used on the inside to spot clean? (woolite like I said above seems like a good candidate anything else?)

****What should I use after I have cleaned the outside and would like to seal/waterproof/condintion the outside ( yet again in another post I read that someone sugjested a 303 sunbrella waterproofer I belive but as I have priced it doesnt seem practical and also I am unsure of if my material is sunbrella if that would make a diffrence)

The thread that I read befor posting was that many people were saying that "if it aint broke dont fix it" well I also agree with this, but I dont think that way in this instance... some people dont use armor-all on there dash boards and some people dont put a conditioner on there plastics outside of there car either but I am that type of guy and I am also the type of guy that will go out and pick off leaves and sticks and such off of my bunks to prevent against stains,Just like everything else that sits outside heat and uv light is slowly and surely sucking the moisture out of the canvas ends (we have all seen a few pop ups in our day that had blistered canvas and cracks) and I am just looking for a little help to what will help me prolong the life and help to keep my material nice and pliable for folding as it is now, just thought I would throw that out there for anyone that needed clarification of "why"


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« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2011, 11:28:45 PM »

I'd check your Owner's Manual. The recommendation for Woolite probably stems from the fact that Coleman's Owners Manual makes that recommendation for their Sunbrella fabric. If you didn't get one, I'd call a dealer or factory. Strike there and there may be one available on-line.

BTW, AFAIK ArmorAll actually shortens the life span of plastic although it does make them look good.

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« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2011, 03:16:31 AM »

In all of your reading it can get confusing.  The water repellent and Woolite comments are for the coleman sunbrella tent IIRC.  Most of us with vinyl tent material tend to use either a car wash soap or something else that is mild and rinse well.  Beyond that the vinyl should last for quite some time.  I do not put anything on my vinyl once it has been cleaned.  The only thing I do to protect the vinyl tent materil is cover it with POP Up Gizmos (pugs).  I use them for several reasons.  One is to help keep the PUP cooler and the second reason is it helps to keep the tent ends clean when set up.  I do not fear birds any longer Big Smile

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« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2011, 08:22:30 AM »

The recommendation for Woolite probably stems from the fact that Coleman's Owners Manual makes that recommendation for their Sunbrella fabric

So with a 98 Colman/Fleetwood i need to use Woolite? do i need to put something on after the sunbrella gets washed with woolite Question
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