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We just bought a 94 Jayco Eagle 12KB popup.   After leveling with the levels on the camper and raising the roof up it wants to lean towards the side where the door is.   The door opens and shuts fine, but has an awkward looking lean to it.   What am I not doing correctly or any hints how to adjust for this?   The canopy is mounted on the outside is that enough weight to cause it to lean?   Thanks!

Just to clarify things.....are the "levels on the camper" the stabilizing jacks?  If so, they are not meant to level the PUP, just provide some stabilizing to keep it from tipping.  By placing too much force on the jacks, it can cause the holes in the jack legs to expand by breaking out the dividers and cause adjustment problems in the entrance door.

Jayco owner's manual recommends putting the roof up first, then adjusting the stabilizers.

Oz and Us:
If your lift system was elevating the roof more on the street side of the trailer than the curb side then that would call for readjusting it but since you say the entry door opens / closes fine then the lift system adjustment is likely fine.  You can however easily verify that with a tape measure, checking to see if the roof is sitting at close to the same height above the body of the camper at all four lift arms.  Any popup roof will tend to lean in one direction or another, particularly when pulled to one side by an awning, as the roof is simply floating atop the four lift arms and isn't firmly secured to anything, with usually just a set of bolts at the top of each lift arm that are loosely attached to keep the roof from shifting entirely off the top of each lift arm.  If your roof height measurements look good I'd forget about this and go camping. [:)]

We have a 1995 Jayco, and I noticed that the other day on ours. After a day up (in driveway) it had a definite lean. But the door seemed to still work. I thought maybe the weight of the awning, which was still closed? Or perhaps it wasn't as level as I thought it was. But everything seemed to open, close, etc.

I like tightening the shepard poles over time as the tenting allows.


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