Dual to Single Propane Tank?

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My new (to me) Jayco 14SO came with dual propane tanks and an automatic switch over.  I want to only use one tank, remove the other, and put a second battery there instead.  Rather than hassle with converting the automatic switch over to a single tank propane feed, I was thinking that I could just disconnect the second tank, remove it, and secure the second line (with no tank attached to it) so it doesn't get in the way.  That way I could go back and add two propane tanks later if I ever wanted to.

So my question is, is there any harm in doing that?  Will the dual propane tank set up work OK without a second tank attached?

I dont see why it wouldnt. I would think that the system was a single tank and converted to a dual switch over. There should be a way to just remove the modification and use it as it was designed. Save the parts, Someone here might be able to use them that has dual tanks and would like to have the automatic switch over like me!

there should be a fitting at the end that attaches to the tank and one that is inline before the switch.  the automatic switch should be able to be removed and the 2 pieces should be able to be put back together....unless the regulator is in the switch.

otherwise just disconnect the 2nd tank, go to a propane supplier and get a CAP for the extra line....

Chuck S:
I'd remove the LP hose and cap the inlet.

But there may be plenty of places for a second battery next to the original one.  Tried turning them 90? 

-- Chuck

Hey guys Im trying to get an automatic switch over out of this.lol


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